Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update on Report-Out from Arisia Panels...

So, I just posted the below to the Arisia Facebook group...

"Apparently, I saved ALL the notes from my panels incorrectly on my Google Nexus tablet. So, I have NO NOTES to share. I was purposefully taking notes/book-movie suggestions, etc. so that I could share them on my blog.

The panels I was part of were:
* Read All the Things
* Zombies, More Zombies & Even More Zombies
* Spirituality in F/SF
* Fear of Science--On the Rise?
* Get Off My Lawn: Backlash Against Progress in SF

If any of my fellow panelists or audience members have some notes to share, I'd appreciate it!

I'm SO GOING BACK to pen and paper. :-( "

I do have a few notes/things I remember, and I will post those. But I'm hoping to get some more info. from others. UGH! Sorry, and I'm SO mad at myself...


  1. Oh, that sucks :-( Sorry to hear that! :-(

  2. Yea, it stinks, Terri. I'm collecting what information I can.