Friday, November 27, 2009

Song of Self

(written in 2006)
song of self

too long have i basked
in the reflected glory of others;

or the promise of such.
spent too long waiting

for them to a forge a path
for me to follow.

i am done with the dirt
raised by another’s footsteps

ahead of me. i want to
return to the home

that is myself. i follow
the beacon of my own

I Think the Sisters Will Take Over the Earth

(written in 2002)
The Sisters Will Take Over the Earth

I think the sisters should take over the earth.

Can you hear them crying?

Starved, half-crazed, taught to feel shame…
Wouldn’t you feel the same?
Can’t you hear them wailing?

Keening over another lost daughter
(because sons are better.) Or
Hiding their curves behind curtains—
Murder for “flirting.”
Can you hear them screaming?

“Save me from this rape!”
This debasement of body and soul
In the name of War. Or
Simply because “She asked for it—she was drunk, you know.”
Can’t you hear them coming?

Marching, heads held high…
Fists waving angrily to the sky—
“Give us back our children!
Our souls! Our planet!
We no longer fear…”

Can’t you see them coming?
Brown, pink, and beige—
Hair glossy black and silky straw…
Eyes furious.
They no longer tremble before your
Man-made God. Or
The things you do in His name.

Can’t you feel their wrath?

I cannot stop them now…
They’ve been too long denied.
Can you feel their blows?
Feel your own wounded pride?

You were all so arrogant,
Sure in your ways.
You were justified—used your God’s name.

Can you hear them?
They are whispering…
Plotting your demise.
Your ways are destructive—
Against life.
Against love.
And they want to be wise.

That tickle in your ear…
Did you feel it?
Did you hear the promise there?
I think it’s true.

The Sisters Will Take Over the Earth.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obligatory "Thankful" Post

I know that's a snarky title, but I just wanted to get your attention. I *am* thankful for a lot, and YOU should be thankful that I will not be enumerating it all here. ;-)

Suffice it to say, I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends, and am lucky to be employed and have enough food to eat and a roof over my head. That is so much more than most people in the world have.

I am thankful to anyone who is following my blog, and helping me become a "real" writer. I'm thankful for the upcoming opportunities I have to write, and to disseminate my voice.

I'm looking forward to having a few days off, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. And thankful for people to share it with.

I pray for those in the world who are not so lucky. And I hope that those who have "enough" are enlightened enough to share some of their bounty.

Blessed Be!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Losing the Fear

It has been a huge a few weeks for me, in terms of my inner growth. So many little shifts and adjustments in my thinking; to how I interact with world; how I make sense of others' actions and how I integrate all of these within myself. It would be impossible to relay to anyone else how monumental some of these shifts have been. But there is one change that I can describe and quantify fairly well.

I am no longer afraid.

It's not like I'm not afraid of anything. I still have a fight-or-flight response, and am fearful of things that are truly horrifying--the prospect of losing my eyesight, eating lobster, or being held against my will by Ann Coulter spring to mind. The kind of fear I have lost is my fear of trying to manifest the kind of future I want. Before now, I never truly tried as hard as I could to write more and get my writing "out there" because I could fail. Because I could find out that I was not that good at it. And where would I go from there?

Now I am willing to risk it. I am ready for the prospect that I am not as talented as I would like to be. It's okay now. Maybe it's a mid-life thing. What do I have to lose by trying? I am already blessed in so many ways. If my writing career doesn't pan out, I still have an amazing family, truly wonderful children, and many strong and loving relationships with people I care about. I have lived through some really painful life experiences, and I have come out okay. And I am happy.

One of my best friends has this quote under her Facebook profile photo: "Life is too short to be subtle."

That is my new motto.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hecate's Will (Poetry)

I wrote this several years ago, but it seems appropriate to re-post at this time of year.

Happy Halloween!!

Hecate’s Will

I am That which lives in the shadows
And I am the Shadow.
Half My face sees the Sun –
The other half the Moon.
I call to those who follow the Shadow Path –
Be My hands and eyes and ears on Earth –
Help Me hold the Blade of our Craft.
Hold My Love in your hearts
Hold the Mystery that is Me
And reveal the Mystery
To all who seek It.