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The links below will take to you places where you can read my work online or purchase it (some items appear in multiple categories) 

Following are links to audio appearances


* Title available elsewhere, also.


  • Paganism 101 published 2/2014. I have a response to the section about eclectic paganism.
  • "Out of Time," a brief article about writing your stories out of sequence (it's okay!) on Clarion Writer's Craft Blog.
  • I'm interviewed by Val Hadden about the significance of the Death Card in Tarot. Friend and fellow writer Trish Woodridge is also featured. "The Meaning of the Death Card in Tarot."




  • August 2014 BroadPod. I read some poetry from my book around 10:00. Recorded at the Pi-Con 2014 Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading.
  • A chapter in-progress from my forthcoming novel, Ownership of the Gods from The Broad Pod (May 2011) link to full broadcast (mine's at the end, around 22 minutes in)  [UPDATE: I'm trying to find an updated link. Also, this snippet is from version 1.0 of the novel, I've since scrapped the first version and am currently re-writing.]
  • March 2013 BroadPod. I'm the host! Recorded at the Arisia 2013 Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading