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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Website Coming Shortly!

After three years of dealing with *other* wordpress websites (for clients, volunteer work, work-work, etc.) I am finally in the process of setting up my own wordpress-based website!

The new site will be replacing this Blogger site, which doesn't have the customization options and flexibility I desire.

At the new site, I'll post more frequently (really!) and it will contain a combination of writing-related news, advice, and reviews; and my own musings on various things I feel passionately about.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Short Story Acceptance!

I'm thrilled to relay that one of my favorite short stories has been accepted by an anthology. I will relay (for those of you who know my work) that the story is Traitorous, Lying, Little Star. Because I have not yet signed the contract, I'm holding off on providing the name of the publication, but hope to release that information soon.

It's also a pro-paying market! :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Pi-Con Panel Schedule

I'll be attending the very last Pi-Con conference (boo!) this weekend for the fifth year in a row. Pi-Con is a "celebration of geekery," with panels on science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and culture; "geek" culture; feminism; and science. My panel schedule is:

SAT 10:00 am Separate But Equal (I'll be moderating this one)
SAT 1:00 pm I Don't Mean to Offend
SAT 3:00 pm The Nature of Gender
SAT 4:00 pm Team Bang or Team Whimper
SAT 6:00 pm Spoilers and Trigger Warnings
SUN 11:00 am It Drives Me Nuts When Readers Do This!

I'll also be participating in the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, taking place at noon on Saturday. I believe I'll be reading from my apocalyptic/horror short story, Traitorous, Lying, Little Star, which is currently out for consideration for an anthology.

Broad Universe will also be hosting a book launch party, as several of our members have new books out. That will be Friday at 8pm. Come check it out, have some munchies, and meet some fabulous writers!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Jumping Back In

I'm dangling my toes into the writing well again. This time, I'm going to try and stay grounded in the fact that I write because I love it, and because I must. Not for any one else's pleasure or approval. And I must do it in my own way, on my own time.

I've just sent off a short to two markets.