Monday, November 18, 2013

My Book of Poetry is Available on Amazon!!

Yay! Interview with the Faerie (Part One) and Other Poems of Darkness and Light is available at Amazon!

I haven't even received my copies yet :-)

The link to purchase is below. It will also be searchable and purchasable by libraries and other outlets within the next few weeks.

If you (or anyone you know) reviews poetry--or poetry or fiction dealing with Celtic, dark fantasy, science fiction, or Pagan themes--and may want a review copy, let me know.

I love this cover!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lots of Cool Writerly Stuff Happening...

So much of my musings get posted on Facebook, that I often forget to update my blog. Here's a quick synopsis of recent goings-on:

  • My first chapbook of poetry is almost ready for purchase! I received the final proof today, and so far so good. It is titled Interview with the Faerie (Part One) and Other Poems of Darkness and Light. It contains five "dark" poems (including Interview), one "grey" poem, and five "light" poems. These categories are of course somewhat arbitrary, as most of the stuff I write has an a dark edge. It may be more fair to say that some are more hopeful than others. In any case, it will be available on Amazon and for Kindle. It also has two cool illustrations--created for Interview--by my friend and artist Tony Gerardi. I'll update this blog with links once it's available.
  • An editor for the Polish speculative fiction magazine Creatio Fantastica discovered one of my poems on Tales of the Zombie War and I've granted them permission to translate it into Polish and feature it on their site. They will also be running a translation of part of Interview with the Faerie, and an interview with me. It's currently slated for their December/January issue. Again, stay tuned for final details!
  • I have submitted a zombie short story--which also happens to be one of my favorite pieces of writing--to a new market. The story is, I think, hampered by the fact that it's a "zombie" story; really it is a speculative apocalyptic horror story told through a 12-year old boy's eyes. I love this story, and I really believe it needs to be published! So fingers crossed.
  • After yet another 3-month hiatus, I wrote a chapter of my novel-in-progress today (The YA novel about the teen-aged embodiment of the Goddess Kwan Yin, working title Ownership of the Gods.) I really want to put forth sustained effort on this in the coming months.
That's all for now, folks!