Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Writerly Announcements and Updates


Headed to the Arisia Conference in Boston today--"New England's Largest and Most Diverse Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference." Hubby and I are taking our kids this year. Hopefully it will work out OK and everyone will have fun!

I have some announces about the conference and some cool announcements related to my writing. If you want to jump down to the announcements, just scroll to the bottom...

First the Arisia announcements...

  • I belong to the group Broad Universe (BU), an international organization promoting women who write genre fiction. We are hosting an open party tonight at 8pm. If you're at the conference, come by and meet me and other 'Broads'! BU will also have a table in the dealers' room where you can find Broads hanging out throughout the weekend.
    BU parties always have THE BEST food!
  • Broad Universe also has an RFR (rapid fire reading) on Saturday at 1pm in the Hale room. These events are lots of fun! Twelve BU members read from their works. It's a great way to hear your favorite authors, and find your next favorite! I'll be reading from Interview with the Faerie to help promote my newly-released book of poetry.

Writing Updates

  • The issue of Creatio Fantastica that some of my work and an interview will appear in is scheduled to be released the last week of January. So, it's coming soon and be sure to check it out!
  • The second big update is that I have started a new novel! And I wrote my first sex scene! The new novel is an urban fantasy romance--not normally what I write. But the idea just struck me, and I've been moderately depressed over the lack of progress of my other WIP, Ownership of the Gods. I will be writing this new novel under a pseudonym. Stay tuned for more information on this!

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