Monday, June 3, 2013

What to do when you write in your head

I am the very definition of a frustrated writer. I want to write – it's always what I wanted to do. However, between raising my kids and having various jobs, I just don't have the energy and focus to write as much as I'd like. Not even as close to as much as I'd like to, currently.

But, I am always writing in my head. I try not to think too hard about all those stories that I've hatched and nurtured and brought to a point of almost fruition; only to not write them down or follow up on them and to have them simply fade  away, as ephemeral as a ghost.

Right now I am driving. No, I'm not texting! But, I am dictating this blog post. Because I was just at the bookstore squeezing in some work while waiting for my kids' classes to be done. And there are always those thoughts running through my head. Always those thoughts tumbling around that I should write down but never do.


I can still dictate blog posts. I can make an effort to at least say what's on my mind, and perhaps even return to them at a later time.

This means that blog posts will be more frequent, if not a bit in Inelegant. Because when you're dictating a blog post on your phone, then editing them as you squint at the tiny text because you forgot they're  not exactly going to read like Hemingway. 

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