Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Kelpie

I'm thrilled to assist my friend and writing-critique-group member, Trisha J. Wooldridge (T.J. Wooldridge), by revealing some tantalizing snippets from her upcoming first novel, The Kelpie. And I'm also happy to be participating in her scavenger hunt! Enjoy the snippet below--and thanks to Trish for letting me be a part of this!
~ Suzanne

            Water sloshed as if someone were just getting out from a swim.  Rings rippled out from a bunch of plants moving toward the shore.  It slipped from the water, stepping up, revealing the weed-covered body of a horse.
            Not a horse.  The nightmare of a horse.  It curled its lips.  Beneath the greenish black lips were sharp, shark-like teeth--not the teeth of gentle, hay eating horses. 
            Its eyes reflected – or glowed – red in the sun.

"Suzanne is a member of my critique group, Traveling Java, who were key in making The Kelpie a reality—and making easier the lives of my Spencer Hill Press editors, Vikki and Laura.  Suzanne also happens to be the only mom in our group, who also happens to have children around Heather's and her siblings' ages, so she was especially helpful in making sure my parenting bits were accurate!  Thank you, Suzanne!"

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