Friday, November 27, 2009

I Think the Sisters Will Take Over the Earth

(written in 2002)
The Sisters Will Take Over the Earth

I think the sisters should take over the earth.

Can you hear them crying?

Starved, half-crazed, taught to feel shame…
Wouldn’t you feel the same?
Can’t you hear them wailing?

Keening over another lost daughter
(because sons are better.) Or
Hiding their curves behind curtains—
Murder for “flirting.”
Can you hear them screaming?

“Save me from this rape!”
This debasement of body and soul
In the name of War. Or
Simply because “She asked for it—she was drunk, you know.”
Can’t you hear them coming?

Marching, heads held high…
Fists waving angrily to the sky—
“Give us back our children!
Our souls! Our planet!
We no longer fear…”

Can’t you see them coming?
Brown, pink, and beige—
Hair glossy black and silky straw…
Eyes furious.
They no longer tremble before your
Man-made God. Or
The things you do in His name.

Can’t you feel their wrath?

I cannot stop them now…
They’ve been too long denied.
Can you feel their blows?
Feel your own wounded pride?

You were all so arrogant,
Sure in your ways.
You were justified—used your God’s name.

Can you hear them?
They are whispering…
Plotting your demise.
Your ways are destructive—
Against life.
Against love.
And they want to be wise.

That tickle in your ear…
Did you feel it?
Did you hear the promise there?
I think it’s true.

The Sisters Will Take Over the Earth.

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