Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Praise of the Late Summer Sky (2009)  

Just a snippet I composed in New Hampshire this summer, after staring at the night sky on Lake Winnepausakee.

In Praise of the Late Summer Sky (2009)

Life provides exquisite moments of clarity;
it is a blessing to recognize them when they place themselves before you;
like a buffet waiting for you to sample your favorites or discover something new...

Last night I lounged and nibbled on the Milky Way as she spread herself across the moonless sky.
I cast wishes for future success and happiness as I reacquainted myself with shooting stars;
I shuddered with surprise and joy as the Loon's mournful call echoed across the lake...

I celebrated my ability to hear and see these gifts as the wonders they are--
moments out of ordinary life that allow me the perspective to be in the moment,
to enjoy all that I have,
and to seed the garden of my future.

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