Saturday, September 12, 2009


I wrote this one in 2006.


Do not despair. I speak
to you,
who desperately claws against
the blackness.

Why do you inhabit this life?

I know,
it seems a prison of disappointment.
Of sadness and failure.
I hear
your tortured whisperings.

What have you done in this life?

Or one past, to deserve this?
You are not alone.
I feel
what you feel.
I know the icy, soulless hands
that tighten around
your throat. Threatening,

To engulf you.
Why am I here?

I have traded my life;
Traded infinite bliss so that
I can save you.
I eat your sorrow; consume it and digest it.
I replace it with hope,
and the rainbow
of possibility.

Will I always be here?

For you, yes. And the others
who dare imagine I exist;
That I can be called upon
in times of
desperate need.

I am eternal.

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