Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Pi-Con Panel Schedule

I'll be attending the very last Pi-Con conference (boo!) this weekend for the fifth year in a row. Pi-Con is a "celebration of geekery," with panels on science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and culture; "geek" culture; feminism; and science. My panel schedule is:

SAT 10:00 am Separate But Equal (I'll be moderating this one)
SAT 1:00 pm I Don't Mean to Offend
SAT 3:00 pm The Nature of Gender
SAT 4:00 pm Team Bang or Team Whimper
SAT 6:00 pm Spoilers and Trigger Warnings
SUN 11:00 am It Drives Me Nuts When Readers Do This!

I'll also be participating in the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, taking place at noon on Saturday. I believe I'll be reading from my apocalyptic/horror short story, Traitorous, Lying, Little Star, which is currently out for consideration for an anthology.

Broad Universe will also be hosting a book launch party, as several of our members have new books out. That will be Friday at 8pm. Come check it out, have some munchies, and meet some fabulous writers!

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