Friday, September 6, 2013

On Love and Bliss

This post is primarily about love, in some of its myriad forms.

Earlier this week, I had a relatively rare moment of bliss. It was fleeting, it was unexpected, but it was very real.

I was driving to my new job (yay!) which shows all the signs of being truly meaningful, fun, and playing to many of my strengths. I was also thinking about my kids... about my son who is off to a good start in junior high; about my daughter who is also doing well beginning 4th grade. And about how amazing they both are in their own ways. And how lucky I am to have them, and have the ability to be present for them in the ways they deserve.

And I thought about my husband, who has taken the brunt of financial responsibility for all of us. And about how he has grown in the 20 years I've known him. And about how he has gracefully put up with my multitude of flaws during those same years.

And then I really thought about how loved I am... and how lucky I am.

And I thought about how self-love--being honest with yourself and striving to do what honors you-- is a component of being truly healthy and happy.

And I experienced a moment of immense joy--right in the center of my chest. In my heart chakra. And the beauty of it almost took my breath away.

I will carry the memory of it, because life does not often afford these moments. (At least, not to me!)

Wishing all of you those snippets of bliss, also!

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