Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fingers Crossed Once Again for "Interview With the Faerie"

The two or three of you who have been following my writing career (hi Mom!) know that I am particularly attached to a piece of my writing that has an identity crisis. Is it a poem? (Maybe.) Is it a short story? (Sort of.) Is it sellable? (???) It is Interview With the Faerie (Part I), a dark chronicle of the uneasy meeting between the King of Faerie and a human reporter "chosen" to be the first to interview the Fae Lord in over a century.

For some blasted reason, when the idea first came to me 3+ years ago, it initially came out as a poem. Then I set it aside for a while, until the rest of the story wrote itself.

When I was inspired to pick it back up--not sure where it was going to take me--it continued to spew forth as a poem. A poem with stanzas of six lines (mostly.) And when the Fae King speaks, some of his lines rhyme.

Hey, don't blame me. He's a Faerie. If He wants to speak in rhyme, He can.

So, the piece is 1300-ish words long, in stanzas (some of which rhyme) and it ends in a cliffhanger, because that's just how it ended. Thus, the (Part I) at the end. There will be at least one other part. I've tried to write it a few times, but it wouldn't come out.

Back to my original point...

I sold the piece last summer, and it was supposed to be published this past summer, but the magazine went under. This happens.

Then things got busy with back to school, family calamities, starting my new business, etc. So today, I picked a market and sent it off.

I really believe in this piece. The question is, who is going to take a chance on an overly long poem/sort of short story?

We shall see. (I hope.)

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  1. I'm crossing my fingers with you. I know the feeling.