Friday, May 28, 2010

Those Who Know You

Have you ever reflected upon how many people truly know you? Or perhaps the opposite--how many people should truly know you, but don't. Like family, for example. Or roommates.

For those people who do not truly know you--why is that? It it because of you, or them--or because you tell yourself you're doing it for them, which quite possibly means you're really doing it for your own reasons?

Perhaps you're gay. Or a closet conservative. Or a closet liberal. Or a member of a non-traditional religious organization. Or film porn for a living. Whatever.

Maybe you think these people just don't really care to know the "authentic" you. Or maybe you're scared to admit who you are. For any number of reasons.

Just something I was reflecting on...thoughts and comments welcomed.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes you get the energy that you are just ships "passing in the night," so they don't need to know you.

    Sometimes its more effort than you want to put in.

    Sometimes they do get to know well a facet of your personality that someone else doesn't know. You are still being true to yourself in the situations you find yourself in with that person.

    Sometimes you haven't the time to get to know each other besides that brief facet you share with each other - but you both know that facet deeply and it changes you both forever.

    Sometimes that piece you do get to know of each other is just what you need - which doesn't necessarily have to be what you want.

    Sometimes... sometimes just ... ;)